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  • Christian Short Stories - Flash fiction (<1000 words)
  • Christian Short Stories - >1500 - 7000 words
  • Funny Christian Short Stories
  • Inspirational Christian Stories
  • Plays
  • Novels
  • Other Categories
  • Works in progress
  • The Place of Christian Fiction
  • How to read Christian Fiction.

Christian Short Stories - Flash Fiction (Below 1000 words)

These are complete stories with an estimated reading time of 3-5 minutes.


My skin looked paler. I was dying one second at a time. Everyone dies that way, but who'd enjoy the consciousness of it?

Pulling my cheeks downwards with both hands, I drew my face closer to the mirror. Sunken eyes and dry lips. Several overnight forehead wrinkles.

I opened my mouth to examine my tongue. Ugh,

Before The Dance

At the wicket gate into the Potter's house, Huldah the prophetess heard a familiar impulse whisper, "Go inside." She would have passed, for the sun was hot and the way to her destination long. The Potter, a grisly man with almond-blossomed hair, busied at his wheel, churning a vessel out of a lump of clay...

Christian Short Stories < 1500 - 7000 words)

Divided into chapters or parts, these Christian short stories can be read in one go (estimated time 20 minutes) or you can bookmark the page where you stop and continue reading later on.

Her Noble Profession

A dedicated nurse who hates her job and wants a change, meets the man of her dreams who wants her because she's a nurse. She's torn between love for her childhood passion and the love for her would-be husband. Yet a life-changing decision has to be made.

Grandpa's Counsel

Jessica doesn't understand why Grandpa insists that she prays about her boyfriend, Ronald. But she's concerned about the old man's health, and decides to honor his request, anyway. Then something happens. 

A Ring for my Finger

Mr. Right pushed a shiny circle of gold down her slender, manicured finger, with a broad smile on his face revealing his impeccable dentition.

Funny Christian Stories

Here you'll find stories that are humorous but highly educative. They should have been categorized under Christian Short Stories, but their funny tone puts them into a different class.

Under this class will run the Feemba Series and the Tales of Mr. Flesh and Brother Christian, a series of allegories that show the constant fight between our flesh and the spirit man.

Christian Inspirational Stories

This section contains non-fiction. That is, true life stories with messages that inspire your faith in God.

On the Other Side of Obedience

A young man senses the call of God and the need to attend seminary. But he doesn't even have enough money to transport himself to school. He knows not from where his tuition will come.

He takes a step of faith. And then God steps out literally from nowhere to meet his needs.

Christian Novels

Gold of Ophir

A dedicated accounting clerk, an aspiring singer, church choir leader, the attractive Bethany has everything going on, except one. To find her Mr. Right, get married, start a home, and serve God.

But the hurdles to her dream life are many. It appears she may never arrive at the Land of the Married.

Trailed by gossip and rumor, she is accosted by unusual romance, and surrounded by real-life friends and virtual acquaintances, whose opinions directly and indirectly influence how the story unfolds.

It is Dating Season in Belle-Ville

And one guy wouldn't toe the line.

Amnon is spiritual, hardworking, and focused. That makes him the dream of several girls in the church. That also is the reason various parents wish to have the twenty-four-year-old for a son-in-law.

His mother will make a choice for him if he doesn't bring home a girl to marry.

Amnon is in trouble.

Note: This story is being edited. It will be available soon


Two Broken Hearts Met

When Catherine and Stan meet, each is grieving the loss of a lover. Empathy draws their hearts together, and love blooms.

This play is being proofread for typos. It will be available here soon.

Other Categories

These are special classes whose stories are categorized mostly under the Christian Short Stories section. These include, parables like Before the Dance and the series labeled Tales of Mr. Flesh and Brother Christian (allegory).

Novelettes and Novellas (word count greater than for short story but lower than a full novel) will also fall under this section

Works in progress

These include Christian short stories as well as novels and plays.

These are provisional titles. A twist in plot may result in a change of title.

  • Whispers of Love
  • Eileen's Dilemma
  • Fien
  • Fearless
  • Evangelist to my Neighbor
  • Broken by the Church

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How to read these Christian stories

Christian fiction is not like other fiction. The writer has a message to convey. Even with funny Christian stories, the goal is not to make you laugh or feel entertained.

God can speak to you through these words.  Especially the parables and allegories especially contain special messages that may need reflection to mine the message.

Christian writers who are committed to their craft recognize it as a special call to use their God-given talent for storytelling and writing to impact the lives of those who come in contact with their works. Read with an expectation to go home with something.

The place of Christian Fiction

You may come across persons who take offense at Christian fiction.While the specific opposition to Christian romance may be understandable for works that are sexually arousing or that portray a virtual romantic world that leaves the reader dissatisfied with their own reality, an opposition to Christian fiction in general is misplaced.

As stated above, Christian fiction writers are convinced of the necessity of their works. Through a Christian Short Story, for example, a writer can pass across an indelible message that a non-fiction book might not.

That is why the Lord Jesus used stories, parables, allegories.

The fact that people read more fiction books than non-fiction proves that their attention can be easily got with stories.

With declining attention span, and many people now scanning blogs and books, the Christian fiction writer has a powerful tool in their hands

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