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My name is Janet Bengan, and I'm a Christian who loves to write.

I'm passionate about encouraging the pursuit of intimacy with God and a purpose-driven life.

Why I write

The quickest answer is, I love writing. Borrowing a quote from the Writer's Manifesto by Jeff Goins, 'I cannot not write'. I cannot, or I'd go mad.

But coming public was something God had to instruct me to do. (Me, writer?‍) I was insecure. I'm still not totally cured from that ailment.

Living hidden in one small corner of the world is still probably another passion worth pursuing.

I'm just joking. I love to write.

God created each one of us with talents and abilities, which we can work on and improve with practice and feedback from those we reach.

Even though I loved to tell stories as a young girl, (in fact, I was my family's comedian) and kept journals of my thoughts and spontaneous inspirations, it never had crossed my mind to become a writer until God told me to use the talent beyond personal enjoyment.

I'm still terrified confessing to people who know me about my writing ambitions. However, since I learnt that 99.9999% of writers are possessed with this kind of fear, it has ceased to be a major issue.

Why Christian Literature?

The simple answer is, because I'm a Christian.

The complicated answer is, I write from my heart. I believe I have the potential to write whatever genre of fiction if I do my homework well. I don't know whether I'm qualified to believe so, but I do.

As a young girl, my stories were 100% comedy, and usually non-Christian. They could be so long as to be narrated over several days.

But I can't bring myself to tell such stories today, unless I tweak them to include purpose and lessons learnt.

What I'm struggling to say in this lengthy complicated answer is that I can't bring my heart to any fiction story that has no purpose, even if the purpose is just to make the reader laugh.

I think of the bigger picture. What would my reader go home with after reading the story? Something beyond the feelings of entertainment. Something of eternal value.

The situation may change, and I would write a best-selling science fiction series! I hope.

I read books of different genres (except Erotica and Horror), though. Only that I can't write in those different genres as explained above.

Life Philosophy

I chose the saying of the apostle Paul, "For me to live is Christ". There's no better life than that lived for Jesus. He is the source of true joy and fulfillment.

Source of Inspiration

Life. Something happens, and my mind jumps up, "I have an idea about a story from this situation." If there's nothing to it, the excitement soon wanes.

If it's a worthwhile idea, it stays with me, developing the theme, the plot, and the characters.

My biggest inspiration remains God. I get lots of inspiration during my quiet time.

And He directs my writing. No, He doesn’t dictate verbatim the words I write, but He offers lots of inspiration, guidance, and tips. If I'm careful to listen, I know when the plot is wrong, when the message is poorly presented, where a character is inappropriate, etc.

This is where I think Christian writers possess uniqueness. You can read all the best books on writing available, but if your work will impact lives,  God must be the ultimate guide.

My plea to any and everyone reading this

  1. Live for God.

If you're not yet a Christian, you need Jesus. He is not a myth. He is real. Yes, he died on the cross for YOUR sins.

You are a sinner by nature and can never please God with your efforts. You must repent from sin and turn to God. That is where Jesus comes in as the mediator between God and sinful man.

    2. Discover and pursue God's purpose for your life.

You're not a waste. Even if you were a mistake to your parents, you are not a mistake to God. He created you. He has a purpose for your life. He can use you beyond your imagination.

Your purpose is driven by your passion, unless it is unholy passion. As you know God more and walk in obedience to His word and inner guidance of the Holy Spirit, He unveils His plan for your life


Once again, thanks for stopping by.

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