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 If you are a single, this is a MUST READ

Chapter 1: Why you are Still Single (6 Reasons)
Chapter 2: Finding a Husband
Chapter 3: The Battle for Sexual Purity
Chapter 4: Mary is Angry With God
Chapter 5: Abandoning Past Hurts and Embracing the Future
Chapter 6: Responding to Family, Church, and Societal Pressure
Chapter 7: Cultivating Contentment in Singleness
Chapter 8: Patience and Waiting on God's Timing
Chapter 9: Preparing for Marriage
Chapter 10: Self-Esteem and You
Chapter 11: Maximizing the Benefits of Your Singleness
Chapter 12: Single and Unemployed
Chapter 13: You are Beautiful and Worthy – A personal appeal


Yafe believes Buru is her Mr. Right, but his bad behavior troubles her. She wants to marry him, nonetheless, but her best friend prays the relationship should fail. Which of them is right in her supposition? Will her friend's prayer be answered or will Yafe go ahead with the belief that abusive Buru is the God-sent husband for her?

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When Catherine and Stan meet, each is grieving the loss of a lover. Empathy draws their hearts together, and love blooms, but an incident happens that causes Stan to consider a rethink. Will their love survive?

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