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I intended to write a single page with everything concerning Christian Dating Advice, but found out that I couldn't write all in one page.

Therefore I choose to make this a category, an assembly of pages on topics on Christian dating, courtship, and preparing for marriage.

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Proper Christian Dating Behavior

Proper Christian dating behavior doesn't just happen.

As Christian Singles, we're all want to conduct our dating relationships in a godly way. We all want to follow biblical guidelines and keep to safe boundaries...Read more

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How to Maintain Sexual Purity in Christian Dating.

Purity in Christian Dating is possible when you know how and what to do to maintain the standard of holiness in your relationship...Read more

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Are You Preparing for Marriage or Just Dating?

Preparing for marriage is laying a foundation for a successful home.

Failure to prepare is readiness to join the multitudes of ailing marriages, or to add a statistic to failed marriages...Read More

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The Importance of Premarital Counseling.

Premarital counseling is an important part of preparing for marriage.

Ok. That's enough summary. Let's hear two fictional stories before we proceed. Jane and John are separated today...Read more

How to Find a Christian Husband or Wife - True Life Story.

It is not enough to find a husband, or to find a wife and get married. As a Christian, you should seek a mate with the intention of spending the rest of your lives together...Read more

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Dating vs Courtship

Is there a difference between Christian courtship and dating? Is courtship better than dating? Find out here

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Christian Views on Dating.

During a youth meeting, Joseph suddenly realizes that Mary is beautiful. Mary is equally calm, morally-upright, and appears to have the characteristics of a wife.

Joseph soon approaches Mary and starts building a friendship with the intention of someday asking her to...Read more

More Christian dating advice on the way

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