Christian Help for Masturbation - Learn how and why you should overcome masturbation

Christian help for masturbation

I masturbated for many years and like many people who are addicted to self-stimulation, I couldn't believe I would one day be free.

The desire to overcome masturbation was there, but in the heat of temptation, I couldn't resist the urge.

Rather, I rationalized why I had to masturbate:

"The bible is silent on masturbation."

"It is better to be relieved than to feel horny all day long."

"I need to explore my body so that in marriage, I would have known what works and what doesn't work."

Then after the act, the guilt would persist, I would have scriptures speak to me, especially 1 Corinthians 7:9.

I understood that although the Bible is silent on the word masturbation, it hasn't approved self-stimulation and gratification.

God has limited sexual enjoyment to a heterosexual marriage union. Every other avenue is a perversion.

I fought many time to stop, but I couldn't, and although it looked like a battle I would never win, I've learned lessons on how to overcome masturbation, including the very lesson that broke the burden of the addiction.

So, in this post, I'll share with you tips on how you too can overcome.

Knowing what to do is one thing, implementing it is another.

May the Lord grant you grace in this journey.

Christian Help for Masturbation - WHY you need to stop masturbating

I should have jumped right into showing you the how, but as someone who was addicted for years, I believe that understanding the WHY you need to stop masturbating is an important part of your journey.

Without this firmly established, you will still fall flat on your face when the urge comes on you.

Your Mind is part of God's Temple

Masturbation is mostly fueled by sexual fantasies. Because our mental faculties also belong to the Lord, we need to honor him by dwelling on thoughts that are pure and lovely (Philippians 4:8).

"I can masturbate without sexual fantasies."

 I did. But unfortunately, you can't comfortably do that without the thoughts. Sooner than later, you would take refuge again in X-rated mental movies to make the orgasm bigger and better.

In practice, there's nothing like solo sex – you're having sex with an imaginary partner. Usually, someone you lust after.

Or maybe you go a little more depraved and watch porn alongside your self-stimulation.

Believing that your body, including your mental faculties, belong to the Lord is one of the strongest reasons why you need to stop masturbating.

Masturbation is addictive

And destructive.

Like a drug addict who would do anything, including murder, to get their next fix, masturbation addiction can cause you to seek gratification in ways and places that you'd be ashamed of after your 'fix'.

 Masturbation robs you of self-control, making you act like an animal.

In my journey out of the addiction, I told myself several times that I'll limit it to the ovulation period.

Unfortunately, the truth is, when you masturbate once, the probability of falling into a compulsive attitude again is high.

Self-control gets better as you deny your flesh.

Christian help for masturbation by Janet Bengan

Masturbation breeds guilt

Even for those who believe it is not a sin.

Recently, I was surprised to find how many times the Bible talks about maintaining a good conscience.

I would rather endure the torment of my body's craving than bear the guilt that follows masturbation.

Christian Help for Masturbation - HOW to stop masturbating

Now that we've seen why it is important to stop masturbating, we can proceed to the how.

Again, I iterate that simply knowing this is not enough. Acting on it, ESPECIALLY in the face of temptation is what would give you the victory.

These tips would help in overcoming fornication as well.

The first set of tips is what you should be doing long before the thought of masturbating hits you

I. Seek help from underlying issues

You cannot stop masturbating if the habit is fueled by underlying issues you have not dealt with.

Depression, feelings of worthlessness and inferiority, grief, brokenness etc.

The best way I overcame these mental disorders was understanding God's grace and love for me, and also pursuing my God-given purpose.

II. Have an accountability partner

This someone you trust will help you when the going gets rough.


When the urge is on you and all your body wants is to isolate itself and fondle those parts,

1. Ask God For Help

This is pretty simple, but how many times do we struggle with sin on our own strength? We fight it through sheer determination, and because the fight is weary, we get discouraged and strengthen the grip of sin in our lives.

You can't overcome sexual sins by sheer determination. You need a power higher than your resolve. God is willing to help you live sexually pure.

2. Sing Worship

I found playing worship music very helpful.

It is impossible to be transported into the throne room and still wallow in those immoral thoughts or touch your body inappropriately. Unless you really want to gratify that flesh.

3. Read Christian literature or listen to a sermon

Reading non-Christian material may not help.

Scripture or a sermon or a good Christian book helps to replace the thoughts in your mind that are tending towards filthy thinking.

Christian material, be it music or literature, causes your sexual tension to gradually decline until you're back to 'sanity'.

4. Don't give up is the urge persists!

You may experience this scenario: here is your unwelcome visitor, Mr. Sexual Urge.

You pray and ask God for help, the visitor goes away for a few minutes or an hour, and then returns. You play and sing worship, the visitor goes to sleep for an hour or more, but reawakens with a fierce demand to be attended to.

This is common if you have seasons of high libido, for example, during ovulation or if trying to stop masturbating after years of addiction.

It is very tempting to masturbate at this point after several attempts at resisting the urge.

Don’t give up your fight now. For if you do, you reset your gains to zero, you get discouraged, and you stand weak in the face of the next urge.

Instead of submitting to the desire, sing more worship, read more Christian literature, listen to a sermon. We said at the beginning that sexual purity is a fight. A struggle.

Resist and resist and resist, and gain more self-control over the next temptation!

It is possible to stop masturbating. Many people have done, so you can, too!

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