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Published: Oct, 13, 2019

On the Other Side of Obedience

Transporting bus on a high way

This is a first account true story as related to me by the Rev. Mbanga Peter.

Armed with 1500 CFA (about 3USD) and no other source of financial support, young Mbanga Peter was ready to answer the call he felt to attend Seminary.

Leaving his native Mendakwen village early in the morning, he used 500CFA to reach Bamenda town, where he left his luggage and used the remaining 1000CFA as transport fare to Ndop.

He hoped to get some financial support from his spiritual mentor at Ndop, to enable him to reach the Seminary at Ndu. He needed approximately 4500CFA as transport fare to reach Ndu.

Unfortunately, when he reached Ndop, his mentor was financially needy, with his wife admitted to hospital. Penniless, and unable to return to Bamenda for his luggage, Peter obeyed his mentor's orders to go pray for the newly arrived Principal of the Baptist Secondary School.

After prayer, the Principal asked a bit about Peter. Without mentioning his financial hardship, Peter said he was on his way to the seminary and had come to greet his mentor.

Upon hearing that the young preacher hailed from the same village as him, the principal expressed his joy at the prospective pastor by offering Peter a banknote in a covered palm.

Peter put the money in his pocket without checking to see what amount it was. He determined to trek the rest of the way if the banknote was not enough to transport him to Ndu. His conviction of being led by God was so strong that the thought of trekking that long distance seemed not tedious.

Back at his mentor's house, he brought out the banknote from his pocket. Surprise, surprise. 10,000 CFA note, a whole 5500 above his transport fare!

The Rev. Mbanga Peter that I know today is a man with an open hand. He can literally starve to feed another mouth. That is a virtue he'd had even back then in the poverty days. He gave his financially needy mentor part of the money and took off to the Seminary at Ndu without returning to Bamenda to collect his luggage.

The God who had transported him to Ndu now had another task to perform. Provide the tuition which stood at 100,000 (about 200 USD). For two weeks, while other students busied with registration and attending classes, Peter and one other student roamed the campus.

Finally, the last day of registration came. He was ready to quit. No one would fault him for trying to come that far. But how does he transport himself back home?

Fortunately, during the entrance examinations, a deposit of 10,000 CFA had been demanded. Peter went to see his class advisor for a refund.

He knocked on the office door and entered. The class advisor exclaimed, "Peter, a receipt has been waiting here for you for several days!"

He handed the piece of paper to Peter. "Go quickly and hand this to the bursar. Your tuition has been paid."

Excited, Peter hurried to the bursar's office. Because the amount on the receipt was more than what he needed, Peter helped the student with whom he had been roaming the campus.

The receipt would repeat itself for Peter's entire seven years in the Seminary. But it was not until his third year that he knew who sent in the yearly receipt. It was someone he had no acquaintance with, but who had met him somewhere on evangelism.

Lesson from this Christian inspirational story

Only when acted upon, does faith sees results. Until then, it remains wishful longing.

Someone said, "In biblical ministry, obedience precedes provision." Nothing can be truer.

If you want to see God at work, step out with Him in faith. Think of Abraham, Elijah, David, etc. They all acted on their faith even when the physical didn't make sense.

When God, (not circumstances) is the object of faith, and His Word the basis of believing, anything is possible.

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Janet is a Christian with a knack for writing. While it helps her to unclutter her mind, she also uses the talent to encourage the pursuit of intimacy with God and a purpose-driven life.

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