Christian Short Stories With Morals

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Christian short stories with morals are a collection of stories, a story per week, that are designed to leave you with a message that helps your spiritual life, your relationship with others, and much more. They are simple, relatable, and practical.

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Jade jolted up in bed and snatched her phone beside the pillow to see if he’d finally called. No. She then checked the time. 7:36 a.m. She was late for work, but that wasn’t the big deal. Yesterday was her birthday, her very first birthday after she began dating Andrew three months ago. She had received many wishes and several gifts. But that didn’t matter as long as Andrew forgot her special day.

She called him several times yesterday. All in vain. That is why she had gone to bed late.

“His phone continues to ring, but he has refused to pick,” Jade complained to her mother in the living room. “I’ve tried with an unknown number, but I guess, he suspects I should be the one.”

The words sickened her as though they’d not come from her lips. She knew why he had forgotten her birthday—he didn’t cherish her. She knew exactly the cause of the change of mind.

“He’s back with that Winnie. He only dated me because she dumped him. Now his heart has healed, and he’s run back to her!”

Jade’s throat swelled like a toad’s with pain. She released the emotion through tears.

“Don’t let your mind play games on you,” her mother cautioned. “Prepare for work.”


Throughout the morning hours, Jade tried Andrew’s number. He wouldn’t pick. Pain gnawed at her throat until it became tender when she swallowed spit or water. Because she was at work, she masked her angst with an artificial merry face.

Andrew had no account on social media, but Winnie did. Her numerous posts had undertones of happiness, joy, and even exhilaration. Jade understood perfectly the reason for the new thrill.

At closing time, she texted Andrew. She wouldn’t wait to hear it from his mouth that he no longer wanted her. She would derive joy from dumping him before he did it to her.

“It’s over between us. Happy reunion with your ex. I hope she doesn’t break your heart again.”

Then she blacklisted his number. If he were on social media, she’d have deleted their chats before blocking him. “Scumbag of a guy. Is it because I condescended to your level? God will give me someone better.”

At home, she met a wretched Andrew lying on her mother’s laps. Yesterday, he’d received a call that his mother had collapsed. Panicked, he left Bamenda at once for Yaoundé, forgetting his phone on his bed. In Yaoundé, he learned his mother just passed away. She was his only parent, and he was her only child. He had gone into shock immediately.

Jade removed his key from his backpack, boarded a taxi across the road to his house, and got his phone from the bed. She deleted her angry messages, erased the call history, and un-blacklisted his number. Sitting on the bed, she slapped her clammy forehead. “Dear mind, would you ever stop speculating? Would you stop imagining things that are not true?”


None of us is immune to a speculative imagination. Our minds get unsettled when we don’t have all the facts about a troublesome situation. Therefore, the unbridled mind creates its own believable “facts”.

Its believable facts get so strongly believable that the individual may act on them, not realizing they’re mere assumptions. Because their mind is already polluted with false but believable assumptions, they may even see confirmation of their fears where none is present.

That’s how rumors are borne. Relationships are strained or severed. Bitterness and resentment grow. Some persons might even get a heart attack, etc.

The mind is a powerful tool for good or evil, depending on what you allow to grow there.

Beware of a speculative imagination. It is a disease that affects every one: old, young, man, woman, black, white, and colored, Christian, non-Christian. It tends to strike the insecure heart the most.

But we can learn to control it. We can learn to disbelief the imaginations. We can learn to act on “true” facts. Verified information.

If you are in the dark, ask. Even when you’re sure your guess is right, still ask. Seek clarification. Never believe you know why someone said or did, or didn’t do or say whatever they said or did not say or do.

And most importantly, never ever act on something you only imagined. Learn to hold your peace until you can confirm your fears or suspicions.

In the dark, the mind always seeks to fill in the blanks. Unfortunately, many times, it fills in only the wrong answer.

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Janet is a Christian with a knack for writing. While it helps her to unclutter her mind, she also uses the talent to encourage the pursuit of intimacy with God and a purpose-driven life.

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