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Christian Short Stories

These Christian short stories, including flash fiction (<1000 words) are updated weekly.

They contain themes on Christian Living, Following God and Finding Purpose, Relationships and Marriage, Romance, Prayer, Parenting and more.

Because one story may contain more than one theme, the categorization below is based on the major theme.

Christian Short Stories: General List

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Christian Short Stories - Romance & Relationships

The Little Angel's Magic

I knew it wasn't a dream because the emotions were too intense. Ken stood before me, as young and attractive as I'd last seen him five years ago. Continue reading

Grandpa's Counsel

"He's my kind of man," Elle told herself as Victor opened his large, brown Bible on the pulpit. His signature grin was on, and there was a fresh handsomeness to his already eye-catching form.

She'd been crushing on him for a while, and the fondness showed no signs of vanishing soon.

Continue reading

A Ring for my Finger

Bethany grinned and continued nodding as she watched the eloquent and confident female speaker. They called her Zilpah, of the national headquarters of The Hambersborg Standard Bank, situated in Citte.

The exceptional oratorical abilities caused a sense of pride in Bethany. For what reason, she couldn't tell; maybe because Zilpah was a young woman like her. She planned to praise the presenter during lunch break. Continue reading

Christian Short Stories: Christian Living

An Unexpected Rebuke

I should have been thrilled. Even without the prestige that went with the budding image of Woman of God, the financial benefits were not to be ignored. And I needed the stipends. Continue reading.


My skin looked paler. I was dying one second at a time. Everyone dies that way, but who'd enjoy the consciousness of it? Continue reading

Her Noble Profession

A dedicated nurse who hates her job has to choose between that job and Frank the love of her life who wants her because she's a nurse. Find out what happens

Christian Short Stories : Mothering

God Delights in These, Too

"There's a lot of beauty in ordinary things," the pastor said.
That was a fact I couldn't attest to a year ago. A truth I couldn't even fathom back then.

Like most things in my life, I had to learn it the hard way. But I'm glad I did learn, anyway. Continue reading

Inspirational Christian Short Stories

Before The Dance

At the wicket gate into the Potter's house, Huldah the Prophetess heard a familiar impulse whisper, "Go inside." Continue reading

On the Other Side of Obedience (True Life Story)

Armed with 1500 CFA (about 3USD) and no other source of financial support, young Mbanga Peter was ready to answer the call he felt to attend Seminary. Continue reading

Christian Short Stories: Miscellaneous

Feemba and the Shoe Shop

Twenty-three years old Feemba, forsaken by sleep one Saturday night, searched through a carton of books and paper for a read. It was Dating Season in Belle-Ville by Janet Bengan, caught his attention. Dating?

He blew off the dust from the cover and lay with his back down on the bed. Continue reading

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How to read Christian Stories

Christian fiction is not like other fiction. The writer has a message to convey. Even with funny Christian stories, the goal is not to make you laugh or feel entertained.

God can speak to you through these words.  Especially the parables and allegories especially contain special messages that may need reflection to mine the message.

Christian writers who are committed to their craft recognize it as a special call to use their God-given talent for storytelling and writing to impact the lives of those who come in contact with their works. Read with an expectation to go home with something.

Janet is a Christian with a knack for writing. While it helps her to unclutter her mind, she also uses the talent to encourage the pursuit of intimacy with God and a purpose-driven life.

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