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A dedicated nurse who hates her job and wants a change, meets the man of her dreams who wants her because she's a nurse. She's torn between love for her childhood passion and the love for her would-be husband. Yet a life-changing decision has to be made. Find out what happens next.


Jessica doesn't understand why Grandpa insists that she prays about her boyfriend, Ronald. But she's concerned about the old man's health, and honors his request. Then something happens. Read to find out.


A dedicated accounting clerk, an aspiring singer, church choir leader, Bethany has everything going on, except one. To find her Mr. Right, get married, start a home, and serve God.

But the hurdles to her dream life appear many. Will she ever arrive at the Land of the Married?

Trailed by gossip and rumor, she is accosted by unusual romance, and surrounded by real-life friends and virtual acquaintances, whose opinions directly and indirectly influence how the story unfolds. Read


It is dating season in Belle-Ville, and one guy will not toe the line.

Amnon is spiritual, hardworking, and focused. That makes him the dream of several girls in the church. That also is the reason various parents wish to have the twenty-four-year-old for son-in-law.

His mother will make a choice for him if he doesn't bring home a girl to marry.

Amnon is in trouble.

Other titles in the pipeline

For now, these are provisional titles.

Sometimes in writing, the plot gets a twist, the theme changes, something happens necessitating a change in title.

  • Whispers of Love
  • Eileen's Dilemma
  • Fien
  • And more...

The Place of Christian Stories or Fiction

As stated above, Christian fiction is a great way to present a message.

That's a lesson I came to accept later on. When I started writing, I always felt like my efforts were useless. Why tell stories? Why not rather do something useful?

In fact, right from the beginning, it took a prophecy, a word of Knowledge, and a word of Wisdom to convince me to write. Like other writers, I belittled the importance of the art and the talent.

Then I realized that the Master used stories! Parables. Now I enjoy writing and praying that my words will touch the heart of someone out there.

I may comment on some stories to highlight or enlighten on the message.

Read them with an open heart, not just for the entertainment, but let God speak to you through these fictions and fictionalized accounts.

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Janet is a Christian with a knack for writing. While it helps her to unclutter her mind, she also uses the talent to encourage the pursuit of intimacy with God and a purpose-driven life.

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