God Showed me my Future Husband, but...

Many Christian single ladies at one point believe God is showing them their future husband.

Some hear the voice of God, others hear other voices. If it the voice of God, it comes to pass. If it is not, it fails and leaves the single woman in confusion.

In this article, I address specific situations where a single woman feels God has shown her future husband, and then...BUT. There's a but.

I address these worries with caution. I can't be bold to say this is God, this isn’t God.

The final decision rest with the one hearing the voice to determine if it is God or not.

I strongly recommend you read this other article: Yes, God can show you your future husband.

I've included in that article how to tell it is God's voice you're hearing and how to weed out voices that can mimic the voice of God.

Now to the specific situations single girls face when they believe God has shown them their future husband.

1. God showed me my future husband, but he's in a relationship

This could be God. This may not be God.

You need to pray much. Press in until you are convinced you've heard right.

Then when you are sure you've heard from the Lord, ask Him what you should do.

For the most part, because you're a woman, your options are limited to praying and waiting.

Pray that the guy will understand God's will and act in obedience. Pray that God will put roadblocks on the guy's path and redirect his steps to you.

I recommend this as an extreme measure. I believe that if God is showing you your future husband, he can and will also show the guy his future wife, that is, you.

If you have to weep in prayer over a man who is out dating another girl, I would doubt it is God who showed you the guy is going to be your husband.

I'm not saying it can't be, but I would tread with caution in that situation. Many single girls have heard other voices.

What can you do instead?

Consider that God has not spoken. Go about your normal life.

Walk more closely with the Lord, spending time in prayer and the word. Look for opportunities to be active so you have little time to isolate yourself and daydream about the man.

2. God showed me my future husband, but God also said we're not ready for marriage

Chances are, it is not God talking to you.

God is concerned about your maturity, and he would rather be challenging you with opportunities to grow than showing you who to marry while informing you you're not mature.

It is hard to mature when you're being flooded with warm feelings for someone. It is hard to mature when you have a circumstance that is putting pressure on you to mature.

In this case, you would struggle to mature so God can bring that guy into your life. That kind of maturity has no roots.

Rather, walk more closely with the Lord and pray for the grace to get over the romantic feelings.

3. God showed me my future husband 2 (4, 5, 7,10!) years ago

Chances are, this is not God.

If you're eligible for marriage, God would not punish you with an unfulfilled desire for someone who is not ready or who doesn’t want anything to do with you.

I believe God speaks to both persons. It is an agonizing place to be waiting for someone to make up their minds concerning you.

If there are other persons interested in you, pay attention to them.

Don't reject those who want you, hoping that the one "God told you is going to be your husband" will finally like you.

As a woman, you're putting yourself at a disadvantage where you may finally remain single.

4. God showed me my future husband, but he's getting married soon to someone else!

Accept that God did not speak to you. Learn your lessons. And move on.

5. God showed me my future husband, but I don't like him

Why don't you like them? Because of their low level of education, social and economic status, religious zeal, lack of social skills and etiquette?

Would you like them if they changed? Understand that your mate can improve.

Consider that you also have flaws and need to grow. Stop being carnally minded. Accept God's guidance and help your mate to become better.

You don't like him for none of the above? Then, do not marry them!

After marriage, you would live with them in the same house, have sex, wake up every morning beside them, bear children with them.

It is important that you like them, that you have physical attraction for them, that you enjoy being with them.

Do not marry a guy simply because "God" told he's your future husband.

6. God showed me my future husband, but my parents (or pastor) disapprove

Parental consent is important and you should seek to have your parents' blessing on your relationship.

Unfortunately, sometimes, parents and even spiritual leaders are selfish and worldly in their counsel.

Listen to their counsel and pick out what aligns with God's word. Then you go with God.

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Janet is a Christian who loves to write. She uses her talent to encourage the pursuit of intimacy with God and a purpose-driven life.

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