When God Shows You Who Your Husband is, What Next?

Presently, much of the traffic to this site is from these queries:

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I understand these are searches by single women who may be in need of answers to questions such as:

  • Can God tell you who your husband is?
  • Did God ever tell other women who their husbands were? Was it God? What happened?
  • What can I do if God shows me who my husband is?

If that is you, I perfectly understand your situation, because I have been there myself. I once believed God told me who my husband is, but like I shared in that story, it didn't work out. There were mistakes I made, and lessons I learnt.

It is the lessons from that experience that I want to use to answer the question, "What do you do 'when God tells you who your husband is'"

Unlike other Christians who don't believe God can show you who to marry, I believe that He can and does show his children who their mates are.

This does not mean God forces people on us. It is a thing of guidance.

He doesn't have to do it, but who says He can't or shouldn't?

As a Father who passionately loves His children, He can shorten the search for us, and lead us directly to the right one. He can protect us from the heartbreak of unfortunate relationships.

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To answer the question about what to do when you believe God has told you who your husband it, I want to avoid the familiar answer "shelve it and let God".

I want to draw your attention to the possible reason why God would tell you who your husband is.

I believe this will help you benefit from the experience, even if it turns out that it wasn't God who spoke to you.

Why would God tell you who your husband is?

To help you prepare for what is coming.

The best thing you can do when you feel God is telling you who your husband is, is to begin preparing for what He's about to do, especially in becoming a wife.

That could take the shape of you looking at your life and making necessary adjustments. Maybe you need to clear your horizon of some distractions before you can accommodate God's choice.

God could tell you who your husband is when your dating or contemplating someone else. And the man is probably contemplating at you, but can't approach you if he finds you in another relationship.

Maybe you need to become more domesticated. As a woman, you're going to be a homemaker, whether full-time or working wife.

While you wonder whether God is telling you that guy is husband or not, take a look at your preparedness in becoming a wife.

That God tells you he's your husband, doesn't mean the marriage would be blissful. Good marriages are not accidental. You have to prepare for it.

Maybe you need to begin to see yourself fit into the vision of the man (if you know what that vision is). This might even help you discern whether you're really hearing from God.

Definitely, God is not telling you who your husband is so that you can spend hours daydreaming about living with him. God's not giving you a man to lust after and probably chase him around until he notices and asks you out. There's a reason He's doing that: Guidance or a call to preparedness.

Let's look at specific situations

"God told me he's my husband, but he's in a relationship"

I doubt this is God. It could be Him, I admit, but I'd doubt it. I don't subscribe to the advice that you pray and blind his eyes to other women. That's torturous.

Why would God not rather tell the man he's in a wrong relationship. Why would God torture you with the revelation that the man who's best for you is rather in love with another woman?

The best advice I can give here is that you just try and overcome whatever feelings you have for the man. It's another way of saying, "Shelve it and let God".

BUT don't "shelve in hope". Literally, just forget it. If some other man shows interest in you, don't reject it, unless you don't like him. Don't wait for someone who's already in a relationship.

"God told me he's my husband, and it's been 5 years"

I've heard stories where it's been 10 years.

Again, I doubt this is God. If God is showing you WHO your husband is, for me I'd believe that marriage is around the corner, maybe the next year or two. Or even if we're not married by then, we should be in courtship

Now, God might show you WHAT kind of man your husband-to-be is. You don't know who the man will turn out to be, but you know what man it is. That's different and could takes years to actualize.

But God telling you who your husband is, and you knowing the person, seeing them often (probably dating other women) year in year out? Sis, I'd really doubt it's God.

A loving Father, whom God is, would not torture his daughter with such revelations, unless of course you don't have feelings for the man.

HOWEVER, it could be God if you actually have no feelings for the man, if at the moment you're perspective is wrong and you can't find one reason to get married to him.

That would make for such stories of persons who try to run away from God's best only to realize at the end that the guy they didn't think was worthy of them was the best thing ever happen.

Second, it could be God if the guy is so focused on God that he has no time for relationships.

And if it is indeed God in this case, the moment the guy thinks of marriage, it'd be you he would come for.

"God showed my husband, but I don't like him"

It could be God as well as it may not be. If it's God, with time, you should be able to like the guy. Of course, before you say, 'I do'.

You should NEVER ever date and marry a guy 'just because the Lord told me he's my husband. If not because this is God's choice, I wouldn't even look his way'.

If the only reason you accept someone is because you feel compelled by a divine force, then you're wrong - it isn't God you are hearing from.

You are going to wake up every morning beside that person on the bed. You would have to introduce him to friends and acquaintances. You are going to have opportunities to step out in public with him. You should like him.

It is worth repeating that God leading us to the right one is a thing of guidance, to prevent us from making mistakes. God knows exactly who is best for us, and we can trust Him to lead us to that one.

BUT God does not force a mate on you. If you don't like His best for you at the moment, and God wants you guys to end up together, He would surely bring you to a place where you begin to appreciate and like something about the guy.

To conclude, whether God has told you that guy is your husband, it is inconsequential to the things God would want you to focus on right now.

You need to be actively pursuing God. You need to understand God's purpose and plan for your life.

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I'm glad to have you come around. Please let me know what your thoughts are in the comments section below.

God bless.

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