Single and Satisfied - Tips from a Single Lady to Other Christian Singles

I am a single and satisfied Christian single. I love to be married, but I'm not pursuing marriage with my tongue sticking out. I will not sacrifice godly values for the title of Mrs.

Arriving at this place was not a single step. It was a journey as I shared in Living Single - My Christian Experience.

In this article, I share tips and quotes to help Christian singles find contentment during this beautiful season.

Singleness is not a sin, it is not a punishment, it is not a second-rate life to escape from at whatever cost.

This season can be your best life. It just depends on how you handle it.

Living single, especially as a Christian, can be challenging. You can't live your life as the rest of the world and still honor God.

Our society, and sadly some Christian settings, doesn't can make singleness even more difficult.

That's why I'm passionate about helping Christians waiting for marriage to experience all the contentment they can get in this season.

I'll list the tips first, then do a brief explanation after. You can find the quotes further down.

Tips for a Single and Satisfied Life

  • Know God's love for you.
  • Love your single self
  • Find your joy in the Lord
  • Discover and pursue your God-given purpose
  • Develop a healthy self-worth
  • Develop yourself
  • Reject the pressure to rush into a relationship
  • Know what the Bible says about singleness
  • Keep away from company that breeds discontentment in you
  • Date with purpose and purity
  • Read good books on relationships and marriage

Affirmations - Things to say often to your single self

"I am a child of God, purchased and cleansed by the blood of Jesus!"

"God is madly in love with me!"

"I am beautiful and worthy of true love."

"I can be all God wants me to be."

"While waiting for marriage, I will love God, pursue my dreams, work on myself, and prepare to be a godly spouse."

"With God's help, I will live a sexually pure life."

"Though I love to get married, I will not rush ahead with the wrong person."

"If I have to wait long for godly love, I will wait."

"I will date with purpose and in purity."

"If others refuse to stand for God, by His grace, I will!"

"My past will not stop me from embracing God's today and tomorrow for me."

"My love for God does not depend on His giving me a mate. I just love the Lord."

"God knows my need for a godly mate. He's working on it. I will be still."

"I am not cursed, I am not second best. I am blessed in Christ. Singleness does not define me."

 10 Inspirational Quotes for Christian Singles

1. Intimacy with Jesus is the highest pursuit in life. There lies your strength and contentment.

2. Contentment in singleness is not suppressing or denying your need for marriage.

It is living a healthy life—emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually a—while waiting for marriage.

3. When God makes you wait for a spouse, it is wise to wait.

Yielding to the pressure to get married to the wrong person leads to deep disappointment.

4. Successful marriages don't fall from the sky. It is important to prepare for a great marriage during singleness.

5. Godly Christian singles still exist!

God knows who fits you more than anyone else. If you trust in Him, He will lead you to that person.

6. Waiting on God's timing for a mate is a season to pursue God more, to love yourself, and to prepare for marriage.

A passive waiting breeds impatience, frustration, and vulnerability to bad decisions.

7. It is an absolute waste of time to stalk your ex! It holds you back so you don't heal and embrace the beautiful things happening right now.

8. Prioritizing God's purpose for your life maximizes your singleness. It gives fulfillment and focus, helping you to become more aware of the right qualities to look for in a mate.

9. Godly singles wait until marriage for sex.

10. The right person is not the one with the good looks, perfect body, gait, charisma, and education.

The right person loves Jesus, espouses your purpose, treats you with respect, and takes you to the altar before they take you to bed.

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Janet is a Christian who loves to write. She uses her talent to encourage the pursuit of intimacy with God and a purpose-driven life.

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