Everything About Christian Singleness - Advice For Now and the Future

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Christian Singleness, the state of being unmarried as a Christian, is a unique season of life. It is a transitory moment for most singles, and a permanent state for very few Christians.

While it has its unique challenges, this stage of life stands to offer you an excellent opportunity for physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual maturity.

With all these in mind, I have put together (and will continue to update) articles under this category to help the Christian Single live a God-honoring life of contentment now while preparing for the future.

7 Things Every Christian Should Know Before Marriage

I was visiting with my best friend in her matrimonial home when she told me something that I can't forget in a hurry. She has a good marriage, her husband is a good and caring man, a caring father...Read more

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Reasons Why You Are Still Single

Why am I single? or more appropriately, Why am I STILL single?  can be a bothersome question, especially when you find your friends dating, courting, or getting married and starting their own families, and you are just there like...Read more

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Two Important Pursuits for Every Christian Single

"Happiness is being Single. No drama, no worries, no pain. You do what you want, go where you want, at what time you want, without the restraints and constraints that those unfortunate enough to get married experience."

Funny, right? Truth is...Read more

Desperate for Marriage

I remember when I was nineteen and desperate for marriage.

I had completed high school, trained and was working as a Pharmacy Auxiliary and therefore saw nothing more to add to my life than a husband.

As a new Christian, I'd been taught a pattern...Read more

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Sexual Purity in Christian Singleness

Sexual purity is an area of challenge for most singles.  This is because the desire for sex is normal, and God has restricted sexual intercourse to a marriage union between a man and a woman.

Therefore...Read more

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Preparing for Marriage

Last week, we had a family seminar in church. I am not a notes-taker when listening to a sermon. I only simply listen, and whatever God speaks to my heart, that's what sticks.

But during this seminar, I took notes! Read more

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How to Find a Godly Mate - True Life Story

It is not enough to find a husband, or to find a wife and get married. As a Christian, you should seek a mate with the intention of spending the rest of your lives together... Read more

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Sex Before Marriage - Must I Wait Till Marriage?

As sex before marriage becomes more and more commonplace, there's a debate among Christians whether it is sin.

Such debates can be fueled by questions like, "Who determines that a couple is married or not? Must two persons in love possess a piece of paper to prove they're married?" Read more

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