Waiting on God's Timing For a Husband

Last updated: 15 Aug 2019

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Waiting on God’s timing for a husband is a season of activity. I had to learn that unconsciously.

In this article, we'll see why God can and does makes you wait for a husband. And we'll also see how to determine if God is making you wait, and what is the right way to wait.

I'd always believed that God not only wanted me to get married, but also that he knew the man who'll complement me. Not every Christian man was going to be Mr. Right for me.

After many years of singleness, and getting to the age 30, I wondered, 'Had I missed it? Is it still going to happen?'

At that time, God was also moving my direction in life. I'd been working at a job I hated for seven years. And it was time to move.

Contemplating about marriage, I just knew within me that it was not the priority God wanted for my life at that time.

He confirmed my 'knowing' with a word through my pastor's wife.

She told me by the Spirit of God, "It's not time, wait. It's going to come later in the future. Effortlessly."

I found no objections to the instruction cos it fitted perfectly to the plan God had for me then.

I was making major decisions and changes to my life, which as I look back on my journey, there's no way I could have waded through if I were in a relationship, dating or married.

Unfortunately, when God told me to wait for his timing for a husband, I didn't see some of the challenges I would have to deal with as a single.

As time went on, the waiting became difficult. Men showed interest in me, I'd pray about them, and God said, no.

There was one I tried hard to convince my spirit that he was the one. I wasn't desperate, I wasn't saying "God, I'm going with him whether you like it or not."

But I liked the guy. In several ways, he looked like the man  of my dreams. And he told me, I was the woman of his dreams.

But when I prayed about him, I could see my spirit shaking her head. My spirit was so troubled until I let go.

I had to learn to wait. And I'm still waiting.

"Why is God making me wait for a husband?"

My beloved sister in Christ, the simplest answer is, "because God wants you to focus on something else at this point in your life?"

Marriage is not in His agenda for you right now.

Yes, He knows your desire to be married. He understands your frustrations with the pressure from others. He knows it can be difficult.

But who are you going to listen to? God or men?

God's wisdom is ALWAYS the best.

 My journey with God since quitting my job is the story for another day. But I know, judging from what I've gone through and my circumstances, that God's wisdom was just the best


To trust that wisdom and wait for God's timing for a husband, there are questions you must have the right answers to during this time of your life. That way you are confident that your wait is in line with God’s will for you.

Your wait maybe God's will. And it may not be.

This is because God is not the sole determiner of when you get married. You have a part to play.

The reason why you are still single may not be that God is making you wait. You may be the one hindering or delaying marriage.

I do not believe that there is someone created specifically to be your spouse. That no matter what happens, that person would end up with you. I don’t believe that.

Depending on your walk with God and how pliable you are in his hand, God molds you, he leads you, and then he brings your way someone who complements you.

I strongly believe that God has purpose in mind when he brings two people together.

How to Tell God is Making You Wait

1. Are you walking closely with God?

A close walk with God is important, whether you are single or married. The benefit of such relationship to you as a single is that God can reveal his mind to you concerning marriage and help you wait the right way.

You have the opportunity now to build a strong relationship with the Lord. The apostle Paul says singleness is the time to give an undivided attention to the Lord.

If you're attention to the Lord is divided, you are not waiting for his timing for a husband.

2. Are you attractive to the opposite sex?

You may be the cause of your singleness.

As a woman, you have to be attractive to the opposite sex, physically, spiritually, psychologically, and academically.

Is there's the means to improve in any of these areas, go for it.

Men have different tastes when it comes to what makes a woman attractive to them. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't work on yourself.

Do not say, "I want a man to love me for who I am." You can change. You can improve.

There are some women who finally remain single not because God did not create a man who could like them enough to marry. They simply are not attractive.

That doesn't mean you should become a slay queen or deny your real self and change your personality to suit other people's expectations.

Seek help if you struggle with anger, low self-esteem, lack of direction and focus in life etc. These things show up in relationships and can be a turn off.

Learn how to dress well. Learn how to cook. Learn social skills. Stop hiding under a spirituality cloak and believing that God will bring your husband to your doorsteps no matter how you live or how you look.

If you are unattractive, it may take forever waiting on God's timing for a husband.

The Right Way to Wait

Waiting on God's timing for a husband is not a passive idling.

It's not a wait as in you lying on the couch, watching TV, and just hoping that somehow Mr. Right will knock on the door.

When there's something God wants you to focus on before marriage, he will not bring your husband to you.

No matter how much you fret and worry, God will not move. He will not satisfy the pressures you are submitted to.

You can shorten the waiting season by giving into panic and settling down for less than God's best for you.

Or you can choose to wait for God's timing. That means learning how to wait the right way.

And it's not always easy. But it's doable.

Just walk with God.

Yea, I said above that one way to know if God is making you wait is to gauge your relationship with Him.

It is still that relationship that will keep you during the waiting period.

Now, let me break it down to four points.

1. Have faith in God's goodness

He understands your need for a husband. He understands the challenges you are going through as a single. And he has your good in mind.

Don’t get resentful if you are the only one around who is still single. Those getting married are not more blessed than you.

Hold unto God's promise. His instructions for you to wait for his timing for a husband is a direct promise that He'll bring the right one at the right time.

When you feel overwhelmed with the waiting process, remind yourself that your Father in heaven cares about you. He makes all things beautiful in their season.

2. Have faith in God's faithfulness

God’s faithfulness is tied to his goodness. Believe without wavering that at the right time, he will bring your husband your way.

Don’t panic and accept second best. Don’t rush to online dating sites, unless you have a peace in your heart about that direction.

You can give into a desperate desire and get what does not complement you or your purpose.

3. Focus on what God wants for you NOW

If God is making you wait for his timing for  a husband, then he has something right now that should be consuming your attention. Focus on that. It makes the wait less challenging.

4. Be attentive to God's voice

Don’t dictate to the Lord how to bring your husband to you. Be led of him.

If you listen to love stories of God bringing mates together, one thing is certain: the stories aren’t the same. The principle is the same but the stories are different.

Be led of God. There may be steps he may direct you to take that will lead you to your husband.

To conclude, waiting on God’s timing for a husband the right way is simple. It is buried in your relationship with the Lord.

May the Lord encourage and strengthen you during this season of life.

I leave you with this amazing story how God made this young man and woman wait, and then all things turned out beautiful at the right time.

God is faithful.

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