While Waiting on God's Timing for a Husband

Before we talk on what to do while waiting on God’s timing for a husband, it is important to answer this other question singles often ask.

“Why is God making me wait for a husband? Why doesn’t he just bring my husband to me now?”

That would be a hard question to answer in specifics because we only speculate when God has not given us a specific answer.

Nevertheless, we can answer the question in general terms.

“God is making you wait for a husband because marriage is NOT now.”

Does that answer the question? Yes.

But if you are like I am, you still want to ask again, “Why is now not the time for marriage.” In which case, we cannot get a comforting answer because our bodies scream often, “Get married! The time to get married was yesterday!”

The truth is, God is making many singles to wait, more than our bodies, society, family, and sadly, the church, will like to admit and accept.

There’s this pressure on singles to find mates and it's hard to accept that God is making you wait when everyone around you thinks otherwise. You are not alone, sis. Thousands of us are waiting.

Another question needs an urgent answer: “How do I know God is making me wait?”

Very important. Because your singleness may be your fault. Knowing why you are still single will help you figure out whether God is making you wait or you should take action now to attract marriage.

But if you have a wonderful walk with the Lord, hear his voice, and understand the direction he wants you to follow, yet marriage ‘delays’,  it is highly probable that God is making you wait for his timing.

How do you then wait?

You can’t wait idly. It would not only be hard on your flesh, but you won’t also reap the benefits of God’s purpose for this season.

This is a molding period, a time of fruitfulness, and a deeper walk with the Lord.

What to do while waiting on God’s Timing for a husband: Build intimacy with God

This is one of the best things you can carry with you into marriage.

Many Christian singles are so preoccupied with getting a husband they neglect their relationship with the Lord. Then they rush into marriage and discover it isn’t as rosy as they had fantasized.

Most of us singles have very unrealistic expectations about marriage. The things we can’t discipline ourselves to do now, we visualize us doing them expertly in marriage. Wrong!

Marriage brings its own responsibilities, and only habits we form now in singleness will manifest effortlessly in marriage.

Build that prayer life now.

Build that Bible study habit now.

Train your ear to hear God’s voice. NOW!

It amazes me the number of singles who can hear God about whom to marry, but find it hard hearing him in other areas. Sis, we can do better.

This is the season to discipline your flesh by walking in the Spirit, growing in your knowledge and obedience to God’s Word.

Cultivate the fruit of the spirit. Overcome bad and sinful habits. Become godlier.

What to do while waiting on God’s Timing for a husband: Discover and pursue your God-given purpose

I believe this is one purpose of this season. God wants you to channel your energies into something more than fantasizing about marriage.

There’s a reason you are here, why you were born. God wants you to discover that unique purpose.

Seek God until you understand what direction he wants you to follow.

Read purpose books by Christian authors.

What to do while waiting on God’s Timing for a husband: Prepare for marriage

It will be terrible to wait for God’s timing for a husband and then go into marriage unprepared.

Read excellent books on marriage and parenting. Gain homemaking skills such as cooking, sewing, decoration, gardening.

We all dream of wonderful marriages. Fortunately, we can make our dreams come true by doing the right thing now.

Develop yourself. You have advantages that may disappear when you become a wife and a mother.

What NOT to do while waiting on God’s Timing for a husband

Do not pray for your future husband

This is my opinion, not a biblical command. You don’t have to buy it, but I’m still free to state it, right?

If you are truly waiting on God’s timing for a husband, you have surrendered your path to God. He not only knows the right time but also the right man.

Do you believe you won’t get married just because you didn't pray for an unknown man?

Is there harm in praying for your future husband? No. But I see in the practice a potential for distraction and impatience. Focus on what God wants you to focus on during this season.

The couples I have seen with enviable marriages were so devoted to God during singleness he asked them to ‘forget’ marriage.

They ceased requesting for a mate and stopped praying for an unknown man or woman. Still, in his timing, God brought their suitable mate to them.

There are things singles should focus on, which they ignore, but we have thousands and thousands of singles praying for unknown spouses. I see misplaced priorities here.

God knows your need. Focus on his assignment for you now.

Do not compare your life with others

God has unique journeys for each of his children. Although everyone around you may be getting married, you don’t have to grab an incompatible partner to fit into the mold and update your profile photos on social media.

Even though younger singles may get into relationships before you ever find a man to fall in love with, that doesn’t mean God has forgotten your need. Focus on him.


While waiting for God’s timing for a husband, you can have your best now life. Build your relationship with God, discover and fulfill purpose, develop yourself, prepare for marriage.

While it lasts, enjoy the benefits of your singleness!

Janet is a Christian who loves to write. She uses her talent to encourage the pursuit of intimacy with God and a purpose-driven life.

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